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SPUTNIK CINEMA | Hasenheide 54 | 10967 Berlin | October 29 to December 5, 2010
CINEMA AT KULTURBRAUEREI | Schönhauser Allee 36 | 10435 Berlin | since December 12, 2010

Krum Chorbadzhiev | 35mm | Poster 2010

The disappearance of traditional film projectors does not just mean a farewell to the romance of time-honored technology.

For the viewer, little changes at first, the projectionist may mourn the familiar projectors, but for the cinema operator, the change is dramatic. Many art house cinemas have to fight for their survival.

The expensive changeover to the digital standard will mean the end for many.

This is not the only reason why I am motivated to show these photographs now, which already seem melancholic today. Each film spool has its own character. Their light reflections create enchanting moments in the dark projection room. These are exactly what I have tried to capture.

Photographer Krum Chorbadzhiev's exhibition "35mm Light Games in the Projection Room" looks like a tribute to traditional cinema film projectors. The photographer traces the incipient disappearance of analog cinema technology, which for him is not only a farewell to the romance of time-honored technology. While relatively little will change for moviegoers, the change will be dramatic for projectionists and especially small theater operators. Program cinemas will have to fight for their survival, the profession of cinema projectionist will largely disappear. (in: connexx av, Hannover, newsletter 10/2010)

Only a few people still doubt that the cinema will go digital. With a melancholy eye, projectionist Krum Chorbadzhiev looks at the analog projection medium and has been photographically capturing impressions from the projection room for the past five years. His images are now on display in an exhibition. On his blog, he describes his close relationship with the film reel full of sympathy and annoyance: "The atmosphere in the projection room is at least as exciting as on the screen. 30-year-old projectors, crooked film reels make sure of that. As a projectionist, I have had the opportunity to photographically capture curiosities of this ambience over the past five years. In times of advancing digitalization, I would like to express my fascination with the analog filmstrip and its aesthetics through this project." (in: Digitale Leinwand, 10-26-2010)

Krum Chorbadzhiev | 35mm | Foto #1Krum Chorbadzhiev | 35mm | Foto #2